Local Cafe, Bakery and Deli Tucked Away in Venice

Gjusta Gjusta

Why we love it WHY WE LOVE IT

Outdoor Seating Enjoy a Backyard Style Patio Tucked Away from the Bustle of Venice
Healthy Food Options Enjoy Amazing Salads, Smoked and Rotisserie Meats and Rotating Selection of Smoked Fish
Delicious Pastries Try the Tapioca, Rice Pudding and Chocolate Puddings and Assortment of Pies
Locally Sourced Food They are known for their seasonal Vegetable Dishes which are Packed Full of Flavors.
Breakfast Spot Great Atmosphere and Sumptuous Food Make it A Must for Breakfast
Provisions Enjoy a wonderful selection of breads, cheeses, cured meats, salads, empanadas, smoked fish, desserts and more for that next picnic or adventure meal.


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