Pureed Spinach & Apple

Pureed Spinach & Apple

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This is a simple and nutritious recipe that your baby will love.

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  • Wash the Produce 3 Minutes

    Place the produce together in a colander and wash with cold water. Let the water drain and dry the produce with a paper towel.

  • Halve the Citrus and Score a Cross in Each Half 1 Minutes

    Lay the citrus on the cutting board. Slice perpendicular to the core and lay each half on the cutting board with the flesh facing upwards. Score a slice vertically and horizontally in each half. Scoring means cutting slits across the flesh. We score it to cut the rind so it squeezes more easily.

  • Dice the Apples 2 Minutes

    Stand the apple on a cutting board. Slice down vertically next to the core of the apple to create one quarter. Complete three more times until you have four quarters. Lay each quarter flat on the board and slice lengthwise then slice crosswise to create cubes. Video

  • Puree the Ingredients 3 Minutes

    Place the greens in the blender first followed by the fruit. Squeeze the citrus on top and add the water. Blend on low. As the ingredients blend together, increase the speed of the blender. Add water as necessary to get the right texture and consistency.

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