Pureed Carrots & Cinnamon

Pureed Carrots & Cinnamon

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

This is a simple, healthy and flavorful meal for your little one. The sweetness of the carrots pairs nicely with the cinnamon. Its simple and so flavorful.

Ingredients Ingredients

Instructions Instructions

Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Slice the Carrots 2 Minutes

    Lay a carrot or multiple carrots with their tips lined horizontally on a cutting board. Form a claw grip over the carrot(s) and with a knife in the other hand using a rocking motion start slicing the tip off the carrot(s). Use your knuckle to guide the blade and to determine the width of the slices. Video

Cooking Instructions Cooking Instructions 

  • Steam the Veggies 10 Minutes

    Place a deep sauce pot on the stove. Add 1/2" water to the pot. You can test the level of the water by sticking your finger in it. The water level should reach the top of your fingernail. Place the steamer rack in the pot. Place the veggies in the pot and cover. Turn on the stove to medium high and cook for about 10 minutes or until tender. Video

  • Puree the Veggies 5 Minutes

    Place the veggies in a blender and add water. Blend until the veggies become a smooth texture. Video

Plating Instructions Plating Instructions