Hawaiian Fruit Salad

Hawaiian Fruit Salad

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

This simple fruit salad is made with local apple bananas, papaya and red grapefruit. The umami flavors of the banana and the papaya mix will with the acidity of the grapefruit.

Ingredients Ingredients

Instructions Instructions

Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Slice the Banana 3 Minutes

    Peel the banana and slice to an 1" or 2" width.

  • Dice the Papaya 0 Minutes

    Lay a ripe papaya on a cutting board. Slice the papaya in half lengthwise from tip to base and scoop out the seeds. Cut slices in the papaya flesh lengthwise and then crosswise to form cubes. Scoop out the diced papaya flesh.

  • Cube the Grapefruit 0 Minutes

    Cut the grapefruit in half perpendicular to the core of the grapefruit. Then cut the half into quarters. Slice out the flesh of the quarters and lay on the cutting board. Slice the flesh lengthwise and then crosswise into cubes.

  • Halve the Citrus and Score a Cross in Each Half 1 Minutes

    Lay the citrus on the cutting board. Slice perpendicular to the core and lay each half on the cutting board with the flesh facing upwards. Score a slice vertically and horizontally in each half. Scoring means cutting slits across the flesh. We score it to cut the rind so it squeezes more easily.

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