Granola Bowl with Apricots & Summer Berries

Granola Bowl with Apricots & Summer Berries

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

We use a rich creamy raw milk and a locally produced granola. The creaminess of the milk pairs well with the slight sweetness and crunchiness of the granola. The apricots add a nice acidity and tangy sweetness that balances out the granola and milk. The strawberries and blueberries add a well rounded sweetness to the entire dish.

Ingredients Ingredients

  • 1 cup  Granola

Instructions Instructions

Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Wash the Berries in a Colander 3 Minutes

    Place the berries gently in a colander to prevent from bruising. Rinse thoroughly with running water and dry on a towel.

  • Slice the Strawberries 3 Minutes

    Cut off the head of the strawberry. You can either core it out or just slice it off from the rest of the strawberry. Lay the strawberry on the cutting board and cut your slices to the desired width.

  • Dice the Stone Fruit 5 Minutes

    Slice off 4 pieces working around the pit at the core of the apricot. Lay each slice flat on the cutting board then slice lengthwise and crosswise.

Cooking Instructions Cooking Instructions 

Plating Instructions Plating Instructions 

  • Create the Granola Bowl 2 Minutes

    Pour some granola into the center of the bowl. Place each fruit in its own section around the granola. Pour in the milk over the fruit and the granola.