Chorizo with Sonoran Wheat Tortillas

Chorizo with Sonoran Wheat Tortillas

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

This is a delicious and nutritious way to jump start your morning. The nuttiness from the fresh made Sonoran tortillas pair well with the sumptuous and swee flavor of the sauteed chorizo and onions. The salsa made freshly from Harry's Berries adds a little acidity and brightness and the cilantro steps it up with a slight lemon flavor and tons of health benefits. Finally the lime adds a bright acidity that makes the flavors in the meal sing.

Ingredients Ingredients

  •    Sonoran Wheat Tortillas
  •    Harry's Berries Hot Salsa
  •    Chorizo

Instructions Instructions

Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Dice the Onions 5 Minutes

    Peal the exterior of the onion until your left with the shiny flesh of the onion. Lay the onion on its side with the core facing outward. Holding the onion with your left hand, slice the onion in half with your right hand. Lay each side flat on the cutting board and slice in half through the core. Place each quarter on its side with the core facing horizontally. Using a claw grip hold the onion with your left hand and slice horizontally towards the core to make multiple different levels in the onion. Now slice vertically with the tip of the knife pointed toward the core to make multiple different columns. Finally cut down and perpendicular to the core to make the dices.

  • Slice the Green Onions 3 Minutes

    Tightly bunch the stalks of green onions with a claw grip. Using your knuckle use a sawing / rocking motion and slice to the desired width.

  • Quarter the Citrus Fruit 1 Minutes

    Hold the small citrus fruit such as a lemon or lime with a claw making sure the the core of the fruit is lying horizontally. Slice through the fruit in half. Lay each piece flat on the cutting board and cut in half vertically through the core.

Cooking Instructions Cooking Instructions 

  • Saute the Veggies in the Butter 7 Minutes

    Place a low rimmed pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium. Place the butter in the pan. When the butter is fully melted add the the veggies and cover with a lid. Steam the veggies until they soften, about 5-7 minutes.

  • Saute Chorizo with the Sauteed Veggies 10 Minutes

    Add the chorizo to the pan. Break the chorizo into pieces using a flat wooden spatula or mash potato smasher. The goal is to break the chorizo into small little pieces. Mix in the chorizo with the veggies. Cover the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes. The chorizo is complete when cooked through and it has released the water within the meat.

  • Scramble the Eggs with the Chorizo 10 Minutes

    Crack the eggs into the chorizo. Mix in the eggs with the chorizo until the yolks and egg whites are mixed into the chorizo. Continually mix the mixture until the eggs are cooked. The eggs usually cook in 3-5 minutes.

Plating Instructions Plating Instructions