Chorizo, Egg and Greens Bowl

Chorizo, Egg and Greens Bowl

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

This is a delicious and nutritious way to start your morning. The red onions and greens onions add a nice sweetness to the salty and umami flavors of the chorizo. The greens and avocado pair well with the chorizo and add some fiber and health benefits. The lemon finishes it off with a little brightness and acidiy.

Ingredients Ingredients

  •    Chorizo

Instructions Instructions

Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Wash the Greens 3 Minutes

    Place your greens in the strainer from your salad spinner. Wash the greens under the faucet using the strainer. Then place the greens in the strainer and spin until dry.

  • Slice the Green Onions 3 Minutes

    Tightly bunch the stalks of green onions with a claw grip. Using your knuckle use a sawing / rocking motion and slice to the desired width.

  • Slice the Onions 5 Minutes

    Lay an onion on its side on a cutting board and cut the onion in half. Avoid cutting off the top and bottom cores of the onion. Lay each half flat on the board and cut through the core. The stem of the onion will hold the onion quarters together. Lay each quarter on the board and vertically slice off pieces using your knuckle to guide the blade. Cut the pieces to the desired width.

  • Halve the Citrus 2 Minutes

    Place your lemon, lime, orange or other citrus on the cutting board with the stem facing outwards. Using one hand, hold the citrus fruit with the claw grip and use your knuckle to guide the knife as you slice the citrus fruit in half. A serrated bread knife will work best for cutting through the skin.

Cooking Instructions Cooking Instructions 

  • Saute the Veggies in the Butter 7 Minutes

    Place a low rimmed pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium. Place the butter in the pan. When the butter is fully melted add the the veggies and cover with a lid. Steam the veggies until they soften, about 5-7 minutes.

  • Saute Chorizo with the Sauteed Veggies 10 Minutes

    Add the chorizo to the pan. Break the chorizo into pieces using a flat wooden spatula or mash potato smasher. The goal is to break the chorizo into small little pieces. Mix in the chorizo with the veggies. Cover the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes. The chorizo is complete when cooked through and it has released the water within the meat.

  • Cook the Fried Eggs 5 Minutes

    Now turn down the heat to low and crack the the eggs into the pan and cover with a lid. Continually check your eggs to keep from over cooking. WARNING: Once the start cooking they will overcook quickly. The are finished when the whites harden and the yellow yolks look clear.

Plating Instructions Plating Instructions 

  • Quarter the Avocado 3 Minutes

    Cut the avocado in half and pull out the pit. Cut each half into quarters and peal off the skin.

  • Plating the Chorizo Bowl 3 Minutes

    Using a deep rimmed bowl put the chorizo in one section, the veggies in another section and any other ingredient such as a quarter or whole avocado in another section. Imagine visually breaking the bowl into pie sections then putting an ingredient or mixture of ingredients in each pie section. Get creative and do what visually works for you. Finally place the egg on top with garnish and finish with a dash of salt and some ground pepper.