Apple and Kale Shake

Apple and Kale Shake

Tasting Notes Tasting Notes

This apple and kale shake is the perfect winter power shake to brighten your day. Kale and Apples are powerhouses. We cut the bitterness of the kale with some fresh lemon juice and we add sweetness with the apple. The sweetness level of the shake depends on the apple you are using. Granny smith apples will add more sourness and fujis will add more sweetness. We used fujis in this recipe which add a nice refreshing sweetness. The orange adds some brightness and the orange provides some brightness. Finally the ginger adds a little bite and kick to put it all together.

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Preparation Instructions Preparation Instructions 

  • Wash the Greens 3 Minutes

    Place your greens in the strainer from your salad spinner. Wash the greens under the faucet using the strainer. Then place the greens in the strainer and spin until dry.

  • Dice the Apples 2 Minutes

    Stand the apple on a cutting board. Slice down vertically next to the core of the apple to create one quarter. Complete three more times until you have four quarters. Lay each quarter flat on the board and slice lengthwise then slice crosswise to create cubes. Video

  • Chop the Kale 3 Minutes

    Wash the kale, dry and lay on a cutting board. Stack the kale on top of each other and roll into a cigar. Slice the kale then chop it into squares. Video

  • Halve the Citrus and Score a Cross in Each Half 1 Minutes

    Lay the citrus on the cutting board. Slice perpendicular to the core and lay each half on the cutting board with the flesh facing upwards. Score a slice vertically and horizontally in each half. Scoring means cutting slits across the flesh. We score it to cut the rind so it squeezes more easily.

  • Cut off a Piece of Ginger 1 Minutes

    Wash the ginger and cut off a small piece. Cut the piece larger for a spicier taste and small for less spicier taste.

  • Blend the Ingredients in a Vitamix or Similar Blender 5 Minutes

    Place your sliced greens in the shake and add the water. Start the mixer on low and gradually increase the speed until high. Blend until all the greens are incorporated into the liquid. Squeeze in the citrus and any other ingredients. Blend until it becomes a smooth watery liquid.

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