Why Buy from Local Farmers?

Why Buy from Local Farmers?

Because You are Supporting Farmers, Fair Working Practices and the Environment.

Local, Organic and Byodynamic Farming is a growing industry within the entire world.  More and more people are waking up to the health benefits and beneficial impacts of organic farming.  The wonderful conversations and experiences that come from a locally sourced meal provides wonderful memories.  There is also a dark side to farming which supports the choice to choose locally sourced and organic products and ingredients.  Take for example the chocolate industry.  The african countries of Ghana and the Ivory Coast mostly supply 70% of the worlds chocolate cocoa.  The widespread use of child and human slave labor puts a toll on the individuals working the fields.  The unsafe working practices, unsanitary living conditions, low wages and long hours exploit the workers to increase the profit margins for large chocolate companies. reference  So by choosing to support small, organic and fair trade companies sourcing their cocoa from south america, where slave labor is not widely used, you are supporting communities that dont use slave labor.  Knowing the source of your food supports local communities, the environment, your health and your relationships.

Below are two good resources for finding chocolate:

Fair Trade

Slave Free Chocolate


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