TD Farms - Interview

TD Farms - Interview

Potato and Onion Farmer

TD Farms is a potato and onion farmer out of Redlands, California. One of our favorite ingredients they produce is the japanese sweet potato. We asked them a few questions so you could learn more about them and their farm. Creating relationships with the people that grow your food is a wonderful experience.

Why did you start farming?

I was brought up farming on our family farm.

Why do you love farming?

I love working outside with family, and being my own boss, making my own schedules. There are no real constraints. I find watching crops that I plant grow weirdly fascinating, and seeing my hard work being enjoyed by so many people. Growing up doing the farming and markets, I have come to know a lot of different people through the markets, and many customers feel like family.

What's your favorite thing about the farm? Being a family farm, I am able to have my own projects (growing berries and garlic) that I maintain within the farm. It is almost like I have my own little farm within the big farm

What are your biggest obstacles?

Our biggest obstacles are time and weeding. There is never enough time to get all the work done, especially the weeding. Most of the weeding is done primarily by hand, and we never seem to be able to keep up.


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