Sourcing, Buying and Storing Cabbage

Sourcing, Buying and Storing Cabbage

Learn how to find cabbage that tastes great and is supper healthy


Sourcing Cabbage

Winter has arrived and cabbage has arrived with it.  Cabbage is a hearty winter vegtable that is sweet, crunchy and refreshing.  You can use it in salads, soups and fermentations.  When sourcing cabbage look for local farmers that grow it.  When you buy from local farmers you get fresher, more flavorful and healthier ingredients as most cabbage is just picked and a day or too old.  In the supermarket you will not have clue who grew it, how old it is or how it was grown.  Local is always better.   Our rule of thumb is always buy your food as close to the source as possible.  Check out our farmer market pages to find out where you can source some delicious cabbage here at the Hollywood Farmers Market

When picking out a cabbage head look for cabbage that looks bright, colorful and healthy.  Avoid any heads with wilting leaves, bruises or discoloration.  PIck up the head of cabbage and feel it.  It should be firm and dense.  Pick off one of the leaves and try it.  It should taste crunchy and sweet.  Some cabbages such as napa will taste a little bitter.

Washing and Storing Cabbage

Store the cabbage in the fridge on one of your fridgerator shelves.  Cabbage is a hearty winter vegetable that can last longer than a month in your fridge.  The outter shell of the cabbage protects the vegetable.   We recommend eating the cabbage as soon as possible.  As it gets older it will loose it sweetness and crunchiness. 

When you start using the cabbage, ie. you cut it in half and use one half, you can place the other half in the fridge.  Over time cut portion of the half exposed to the air will wilt and mold.  If you have not used it in a long time you can simple cut off the molded portion and the cabbage on the inside is fresh and ready to be used in your dish.


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