Nurture Workshop

Nurture Workshop

Learn How to Introduce Your Baby to Solid Foods that Are Locally Sourced, Healthy and Organic

Nurture Workshop

A Foundational Cooking Experience for Parents, Nannys, Grandparents and Anyone Else
Who is Interested in Learning How to Source, Prep and Cook Food for Babies as They Transition from Breast Milk to Solid Foods
Why Take Our Course?
The intention of our workshop is to set up your baby up for a powerful, healthy and happy life and to create more ease, relaxation and enjoyment around meal team for your family.

You will learn how to source, prep, cook and create an educational environment where you can nourish and enrich your baby's life and create more confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Also as your baby grows into a toddler he will eat what you eat so you are not cooking one meal for the adults and one meal for the children. Imagine a family environment with more ease and where you can dine out with your baby, sit with your baby during a family meal and having him or her in the kitchen with you as you cook.  


Los Angeles
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Saturday - October 27th 2018
Seats Available Per Course:
8 Seats
Price per Person:

Who Would Benefit From this Course?

Pregnant moms

Moms whose kids are 3 months and older

Dads who cook 

Nanny's who are caring for babies

Grandparents who want to support their grandkids healthy growth and development

Any other individual who is in a caretaker position for babies


Intention of the Course

Empower individuals and families to create enjoyable, fun and creative experiences around food.  


Course Description

This event is an educational course that will empower moms, future moms, dads, and nannies alike, to confidently feed new infants in a manner that is optimal for their health.  The course will be a 2 hour training that will cover everything from kitchen setup, and meal prep, to sourcing of the healthiest ingredients.  Full Course Syllabus Below. This 1st course in our series will cover the critical period of months 6-9, where food is being introduced for the 1st time to an infant, followed by the transition to a more complex diet.

If you or someone you know is soon to be in this world, this course is a must! The nutritional information was designed by a well known pediatrician, and the workshop will be given by an experienced kitchen master and chef. This infant diet was consumed by Ellis, and he will be at the event to prove its effectiveness.



1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Kitchen Setup: Learn how to create organization in your kitchen

3. How and What Foods to Introduce to Your Child & Their Health Benefits

4. Urban Garden Tour and How to Source Your Food from Your Local Market

5. Cooking: Food Prep, Baking, Steaming and Pureeing

6. Recipes: Learn how to build simple recipes your baby will love

7. Creating and Educational Environment For Your Baby

8. Creating a Wonderful Family Experience arounf Meals

7. Questions

Also Included with the workshop:
1. Course support which will be available at www.terrataste.com
2. Course materials including recipes, nutritional, health, and
cookware information.

The class will be held in a private home in Mid City, and there will be a maximum of 6 participants in each course, so that each person receives full attention and support. The spots will be given on a first come first serve basis, so act accordingly.

If you or someone you know is committed to providing the most health filled food experience to their infant, please contact us, or forward this email.
  If you would like to contact me via email:

Follow On Courses:
9-12 Months
1 Year Plus


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