Find a Locavore Restaurant in 3 Steps

Find a Locavore Restaurant in 3 Steps

Find Restaurants that Locals Love with Unique Designs, Delicous Locally Sourced Food and Signature Drinks.


Eating locally sourced food as you travel will bring  you great joy and give you some great memories as you travel.  The chefs, restauranteurs, architects and farmers all work together to create wonderful experiences that showcases the seasonailty of the food, the cultural heritage of the food and the designed space for enjoyment, conversation and great memories.  Below are three reccomendations we use when looking for food our city and other cities.

  1. Have a Conversation with a Locavore

A Great Lacavore is someone who is passionately involved in the locavore community. He or she will know all the mover and shakers in that community.  Some great examples of theses individuals are restaurant owners, coffee shop owners, owners of boutique designer focused stores and hipsters.  A great starting point is a cool Hipster coffee shop.  They will know what's going down.  When you find one these individuals get related to them.  Let them know you support restaurants that support local farmers.  This will open a great conversation Ask them where would they eat if they were traveling here? What neighborhoods do they love?  Where do they hang out?
  1. Map out the Restaurants

Plot these Restaurant on a google map.  As you do this you will start learning about the different neighborhoods and the layout of the city.  The Arts District in each city usually has a bunch of restaurants.  Once you have the restaurants plotted decide where you plan to eat based on your location and itinerary.
  1. Keep Conversating and Building Your Map

As you eat at these restaurants keep the conversations open.  Ask your servers, the receptionist and the cook where you can find great restaurants using locally sourced food.  Ask the locals.  As you keep conversing and asking a new locavore World will open for you.  Keep updating your map and plan.  Things will shift as you discover a new food World.
Enjoy the experience and look forward to great conversations, the discovery, the memories and of course the food.


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