Enjoy Some Raw High Quality Local Honey

Enjoy Some Raw High Quality Local Honey

Nothing Like Delicious Local Raw Honey

We love local honey here at TerraTaste.  Honey is like wine with its many flavors.  The grapes determine the flavors in the wine and the flowers in the honey.  California has a plethora of climates and flowers for the bees to enjoy.  At every farmers market you can always find someone who has some hives and is producing honey.  There are also so many selections of honey from wildflower honey to lavender honey.  Each flower leaves a unique flavor in each honey. It's such a wonderful experience to try all the different honeys.
Honey is also anti-microbial and antibacterial and can be used to disinfect wounds.    Honey can actually help in weight management, preventing diabetes, lowering stress and so much more.  The key is finding honeys that are extracted in a process where the temperature does not go above 95 degrees which is the temperature of the hive.  You also want to find honeys that are not ultra filtered as you start filtering all the good stuff in the honey.  Also, large comapnies use chemicals  The key with all your food is to keep it as close to Nature as possible.  When you start changing temperatures and taking things out you start messing with Nature's magic you start to lose all the health benefits.  And when you start doing this it affects your health, mindset and life.
Here are some questions to ask any beekeeper:
Where are your hives located?
How do you extract the honey?
Is the honey raw? (no pasteurization or filtering, you want exactly whats in the hive in your jar)



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