Eat Well on Your Next Flight Using These 3 Steps

Eat Well on Your Next Flight Using These 3 Steps

Dont leave your food choices up to the airlines.

The airlines are not known for phenomenal menus.  Leaving your food choices up to the airline is not advised.  If you want to up your travel experience then traveling with delicious food is the way to go.  The below three steps will up your travel game.


1. Create Your Own Menu

Airlines are not focused on creating phenomenal meals for their customers unless you are in first class or business class.  Its up to you to create your own food experience.  When creating your menu, we recommend creating a theme such as a celebration, a romantic getaway, light and healthy, tasty snacks, etc... A theme will set the tone for the meal and provide guidance.  If you are picking a romantic getaway you could create cheese, meat and cracker plate with your favorite selection of each ingredient.  Imagine sitting down in your seat and pulling out your cheese plate while everyone else is waiting for the airline food.


2. Buy the Provisions

The next step is buying the right setup and ingredients from great producers and farmers.  Finding a great grocery store or farmers market is key.  The key to a great cheese and meat plate is flavorful and quality ingredients.  Here in Los Angeles we use Markets such as Erhewon, Whole Foods and Monsieur Marcels are solid choices.  Also we have plenty Local Farmers Markets and we love the Hollywood and the Santa Monica Markets.  First buy the ingredients then purchase the utensils, plates, cups and cooler as needed.  We will be coming out with a travel food guide in the future if you want to learn how to eat well while you travel send us your email.


3. Enjoy and Fly

When headed through security let them know that that extra bag is your food and they will let you right on through the security checkpoint.


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