All About Apples

All About Apples

Apples are the Cleansers of the Body

Health Benefits

Cancer and Disease Fighter

Apples are packed full of anti-oxidants which reduce inflamation and fight diseases such as heart disease.  Their antiinflamatory properties is what fights cancer.

Brain Promoter

Apples also fight oxidative stress which proves brain performance.



Health Benefits

Buying Tips

Always try to buy an apple from the local orchard that grows them organically.  When picking out apples hold them in your hand.  They should feel firm and solid.  Avoid apples that have bruises, holes from worms or feal soft.  Also try the apple it should taste sweet, crisp and refreshing.  Different apples have different sugar contents.  Fujis are sweet and crisp and granny smiths are sour and tangy.

Storing Tips

Simply store your apples in the crisper drawer in your fridge.  They will last months.  Actually most apple growers pick their apples at a certain time of year and store them in a cold locker for months.  Apples store really well in the cold.


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